We are all evolving at our own rate. The greatest way to solidify the process is to journal. Get it out of your head and onto paper, with handwriting. There’s neurology involved with this initial action.

EVOLVED AF Crystal Eye Pillows

First Nations Designer Fabric Eye Pillows filled with crystals and organic brown rice for folks with allergies. Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Citrine and Clear Quartz to lift your vibration to new heights. Meditation with the vibration of the the crystals and fabric is going to take your process to the next level.

EVOLVED AF Greeting Cards

Handwritten cards, put in the mail are one of the best ways of letting someone know you’re thinking of them. It’s time to go back to connection through the written word.

EVOLVED AF Greeting Cards

Choose between empowering sentiments, laughter inducing sentiments or a mixture of both. Available in packs of 8 (mixed sentiments) or packs of 10 (choose your favourite x 1 type or 2 types x 5 each).

All The Colours

Ethical Coffee Freaks Unite

Coming Soon!

We would love to do our bit to help with guilt free coffee by bringing you a range of coffee cups that you can take to your favourite barista to be filled with your favourite daily pick me up. We are expecting to launch this range sometime in early 2020. If you’re keen though or you’d like to make a bulk order, please get in touch with us.

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…personal development for the real world. #EVOLVEDAF