Our Team

Amanda Foy

Amanda Foy

The Emotional Strength Trainer

“Your emotions have a certain vibration that is changing the energy in your body and your environment. We can’t see and measure all energy physically just yet, but we can work with it.

We can change our lives by changing our energy. So, when it comes to me helping you overcome your stressed out, emotionally draining and overwhelming life, I work with your energy system, bypassing the physical to get you living your best life possible with the least amount of effort.”

Amanda has extensive life experience in the health and wellness industry having been living the way she teaches since 1985 and in a dedicated practice since exiting a 21 year long corporate career in Administration and Communications in 2009.

Amanda is a master communicator, able to bring sense to where confusion once reigned supreme. She gives your emotions the voice you’ve never been able to, in a way that makes you feel more heard and understood than ever before in your life. Her ability to joint the dots using myriad points of reference, that you would never think to join yourself, is the game changer. Together with her natural gift  encompassed in her unique energy therapy and process, you’ll feel blockages sweep the emotional trauma away for good. We’re sure you will be converted in no time to include Demanking® and Emotional Strength Training™ into your life for good.

Tanya Cole

Tanya Cole

Kupu Kupu Massage

“I pride myself on offering a customer focussed, personalised Bodywork experience. I place a strong emphasis on building long lasting quality connections with my clients, where there is a mutual respect – resulting in a bond of trust which enables a transition of continual growth on each clients journey”

Tanya has over 25 years’ experience in the Massage Industry and is the originator and creator of Kupu Kupu Massage, which was established in 2010.

Kupu Kupu Massage specialises in the art of relaxation providing clients with a Certified Organic, Intensive Bodywork Experience.

Working with the concept that emotional blockages, fears or resistance create physical manifestation, pain, tension or discomfort within the body, Tanya uses gentle manipulation of the specific muscle group in a caring and respectful manner to allow your body to release tension, tenderness and stored emotions therefore allowing your body to return to its natural equilibrium.

Acting as an instrument through her intuitive ability and knowledge of the human anatomy, Tanya offers clients to engage in the healing and restorative process of mind, body and spirit which is the foundation work of a Kupu Kupu Massage Bodywork Treatment.

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